Archiware Sales Policy

Please note: Archiware does not sell licenses directly to customers

Both Archiware P5 is sold and supported worldwide through a network of experienced distributors, who in turn collaborate with qualified local resellers. Therefore, requests for quotes and the required contact data will be forwarded to the appropriate distributor, who will hand them over to a reseller close to your location.

Contact data is shared with these third parties purely for the purpose of supplying you with a quote and information on Archiware products. It is not stored by Archiware and we will not send you any marketing communication. If you are interested in receiving our monthly newsletter focusing on Archiware products, storage, data management and the Media & Entertainment industry, please use our subscription form.

If you do not agree with this approach or do not want your contact data to be shared, please notify us in your e-mail. We will do our best to connect you with a reseller without passing on your data.

You are welcome to chose your preferred Archiware reseller in your area/region from our reseller search