New in Version 7.2

Overview of New Features

  • S3 Object Archive to LTO and LTFS storage via the S3 interface
  • Server-wide incremental archiving using INC+ archive
  • Filter-based query and job history in the P5 Data Mover
  • Positional search in the Archive Index
  • NanoPure LTO media support, certified by MagStor

Archiware P5 S3 Object Archive

Behind the long name, lies an immensely powerful new interface through which external products can access the power and flexibility of archival to LTO storage with Archiware P5 Archive. P5 Archive now offers an S3 Object Storage service, presenting an S3 end-point for other software to connect to. Compatible with Amazon S3 Glacier Flexible & Deep Archive storage classes, objects received via the S3 interface are archived to LTO/LTFS, with full management of tapes, drives and libraries.

Third-party software solutions that manage data, such as MAM/DAM/PAM systems, now have the ability to archive data with P5 Archive via their own S3 client interface. Any solution that can archive data to cloud services, and supports the 'glacier' storage class, can now access LTO/LTFS storage. Existing P5 Archive customers gain the option to receive external data via an S3 connection and better leverage their LTO investment. External cloud storage can be migrated to on-prem storage, S3 to S3, returning physical security and ownership. 

Storage Buckets are configured within P5 for this purpose, each connected to a P5 storage pool, defining the target archive storage. P5 maintains an archive index for each bucket, tracking each archived file.

Future MAM/DAM/PAM integrations may wish to use this interface as an alternative to the existing P5 API's.

Server-Wide Incremental Archiving

P5 Archive has long supported incremental (INC) archiving of data, such that only new and changed files are added to the archive while files that are already archived are not added again. Customers commonly use this feature to archive changing production data on their storage through its lifecycle. A FULL archival of completed projects then allows final delivered projects to be preserved into the future.

With version 7.2, we introduce an enhanced INC archive, called INC+.

INC+ archive is able to track files that have already been archived, when they are moved into different locations and/or different storage volumes. P5 Archive tracks each archived file by adding a unique identifier, using extended-attributes of the filesystem. It can then determine that a moved file is already saved in the archive and update its location in our index.

Tracking changing projects becomes more efficient, large amounts of data may be relocated without being re-saved by the archive - effectively de-duplicating the archive data at a file level.

P5 Data Mover Improvements

Filter based query

P5 Data Mover helps with the migration and maintenance of data already archived by P5 Archive. LTO tapes age and will need replacing over long periods of time. LTO tape capacities increase, making such a migration very attractive. Customers might wish to migrate some tape-based archive data to a cloud service. 

In order to select which archive data should be migrated, a time-based filter was available in P5 version 7.1. This filter is extended in version 7.2. It's now possible to configure a migration based on an arbitrary query on the archive index. For example, it's now possible to migrate based on a specific directory, or the contents of one or more meta-data fields.

The selection of metadata in particular opens up many possibilities. For example, the data to be migrated can be marked in advance in the index with meta information, which is then specified in the migration plan.

Job history

Another feature helps monitor very large and lengthy migration operations. For this purpose, a job history function has been provided in the migration plan, which displays all jobs already executed on behalf of this plan, so that the daily progress of a migration can be tracked very precisely.

General Improvements

Positional search in the archive index

Version 7.2 introduces an enhanced 'positional' search in backup and archive indexes. Users can limit their search to the currently selected directory subtree in an index and thus obtain a reduced and more precise search result. In addition indexes are more quickly searched due to database optimizations.

NanoPure Media support

NanoPure Media are high quality LTO media certified by MagStor company. More information is available on the Magstor website.

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