P5 Archive and P5 Backup work with mLogic to provide maximum data security for world record slacklining footage.

Multiple world record holder for slacklining, Alex Schulz and his company One Inch Dreams create extremely unique footage. Their creative challenges take them to various locations around the globe. Since most of their stunts cannot be repeated, the footage they create is extremely valuable.

One Inch Dreams’ most recent project Building Bridges took them up on two hot air balloons over Monument Valley. The goal: to cross a slackline between the balloons.

Flexibility to re-use and monetize content is key for their production and customer range. Video scenes need to be found quickly and easily. All clips for Building Bridges needed to be protected for the long-term and at the lowest cost possible. So, the choice of LTO tape for archive came naturally. One set of tapes was stored off-site for maximum security.

"Archiware P5 helped us to streamline our productions and keep our data safe. Since all media migrate into the archive, we have a single source of truth for referencing and re-use. Everything we ever captured is in our archive and can be browsed and found easily at any time."

Archiware’s P5 Archive provides previews and proxies for visual browsing of the archive. Specific metadata fields and combined searching help find specific content.

P5 Archive and P5 Backup are used to protect all files. mLogic’s mTape provides a portable tape solution with a Thunderbolt connection. The mSpeed RAIDS of mLogic deliver fast throughput for production, even in the field. One Inch Dreams’ current data set is 46TB, of which 20TB comprise the Building Bridges project alone.

The setup consists of two 32TB mSpeed RAIDS and one mTape LTO-7 Thunderbolt desktop drive.

P5 Backup and P5 Archive are used to write to tape while P5 Synchronize clones files from disk to disk.

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