Post-production and SFX on the highest level protected with Archiware P5.

Metropolitana is one of the most established and experienced post and SFX houses in Spain. With a staff of 22 plus freelancers they provide the complete service range from editing, compositing, SFX, grading, transcoding, QC to the delivery of the final commercial.

"We use Archiware to do our backup and archive tasks, and it’s also connected to our MAM, to easily archive our video clips and restore them when needed. Archiware P5 helps us to protect our precious productions and makes it simple to find them whenever we need them again."

 Ramon Arteman, Director at Metropolitana

Their customers have extremely high expectations that Metropolitana has to meet. Thousands of projects of companies like Adidas, Converse, Louis Vuitton, Audi, VW, Seat, Orange, Coca Cola, Sony, Zara and many others were finalised by Metropolitana. 

From the automatic Backup to the long-term Archive, Archiware P5 is Metropolitana's tool of choice.

Archiware P5 drives their 3 tape libraries with more than 2PB of archived files. From the MAM, they can archive directly to their LTO tape libraries. All Autodesk Flame projects are also archived to tape to save space on the production storage.

Each project can be found in the archive catalog of Archiware P5 Archive. The company's MAM system is also connected to P5 Archive and keeps all media assets preserved for the long-term on LTO tape.

Metropolitana's shared production storage StoreNext SAN is automatically backed up with Archiware P5 to tape.

As a reseller and systems integrator Archiware partner Tangram Solutions is working closely with Metropolitana to build and maintain the system according to their requirements.

The Setup

  • Archiware P5 Archive
  • Archiware P5 Backup
  • Quantum StoreNext SAN
  • 3 tape libraries